Did you know that pets can have allergies, too??

Did you know that pets can have allergies, too??

I never really thought about pet allergies before my Aki-Poo (Akita Poodle mix) started scratching constantly. Of course, all animals (and people) get an itch from time to time. But Skylar was scratching for what seemed like weeks. When her fur started falling out, I got really nervous and took her to the vet.

Pet allergies can be related to many things - food, environment, shampoo, other dogs & cats (yes, they can be allergic to other animals!), grass, as well as seasonal changes. It's critical that you keep an eye on your pet's health at all times. Consulting with a veterinarian can prove helpful and prevent further distress for your pet by diagnosing the cause early on. The type of allergy will determine the proper treatment. Another option is to visit your local pet store and discuss your concerns. They may have suggestions and products that can help alleviate your (and your pet's) stress. 

Just as you should do for yourself, maintaining your pet's skincare routine, diet, exercise and environment is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Turns out Skylar has seasonal allergies. With treatment, her scratching stopped within a day or two. Now when I see her starting to scratch more than usual, I start her treatment right away and she's happy and that makes me happy, too. 

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